Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trays: 5,5 + 6,6

Got my toofies cleaned as well as 2 sets of trays for Invisalign.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trays: 3 & 4

Picked up trays 3,3 + 4,4

I'm really lovin' this new set of trays -they encompass every contour of every tooth and they don't bring tears to my eyes when inserting the new set each time.

I will need to call the office and get the 3rd set. I made my appt but realized that I'll be out of town and really don't want to postpone the treatment as I may be participating in a high profile professional event in NYC.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Round 2! New Set of Trays

New Trays
Top: 12
Bottom: 8

Trays: 1, 1 + 2, 2

After waiting for weeks for Invisalign to send the second round of trays, they finally came -mid May. Unfortunately for me, that's the busiest time for my business -mostly travelling to tradeshows.

I made an appt with the dentist, alas, they were on vacation for a week, then it was my birthday -I wasn't going to have pain while enjoying my birthday cake!! At last, the date was settled for this morning. Dr Eric did indicate that if we had postponed the second round any longer then they would have begun charging.

Charging?? I waited a good long while before getting a call to return to the office. I guess patients are just supposed to wait by the phone and plan their lives around 3rd parties. Sheesh!

Today was a good day.
I was patiently waiting for Dr Eric to tell me that he was going to disk between my bottom front teeth but that announcement was never made. He did apply 4 more speedbumps to my teeth and now I taste as though I've been eating bandaids. Disgusting! I swear his speedbump application was different than before, but he claims that I had a glass of wine before the first time anyway.


Seriously, it felt as though he had inserted a template onto the top and applied the paste into a window that created the speedbump then removed the template after 30 seconds. The template fit just as a tray would.

It came time to insert the new trays. Dr Eric remembered that I like to wet mine first before installing them in the upright position because it's just easier. The first one was pretty easy and incredibly, I dare say, comfortable. The second one I had to actually stand up and look into the mirror because the tray was being just a bit temperamental. I sat back down to have him adjust it as it was just flared beyond the actual jaw, but now fits favorably.

These new sets are very appealing in the sense that they're comfortable -they're deeper and they fit like leather glove. I didn't have to exhibit any temper tantrums in the dentist office today -no pain, no tears.

It looks like I'll have 12 trays for the top and 8 trays for the bottom.

I get to have chicken tonight!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dentist Joke

So a woman sitting in the dentist chair states, "Dr. I'd rather have a baby than a root canal!"

The doctor replies, "Well, make up your mind -I have to adjust your chair."

Blog Name Change & Friends

So, it appears that folks are actually reading this blog. Thanks!

After visiting Sara's blog, I discovered that she had taken the care to add links and such. This is something I have done with my other blogs here & here & here, but was remiss to do so with this one.

In addition, I realize how awfully clinical & mundane (I am neither of those things) ECSHealth was positioned at the top, so I fashioned it after Robert Pirsig's book -one of my favorites.

My apologies to you, my avid readers. Let me know other things you'd like to see/read.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Recasting: Part Deux

The casting was brief today, but Dr Eric assured me it was nothing I could have done to help or hinder the faulty casts last time. Moreover, he still had to take 2 impressions of the top side -bleck.

My tongue is numb and neither juice, Triskets, nor soup can remove that sour taste.

Ran out of floss
I can't believe that I actually ran out of floss today. Unbelievable. I never run out of floss. I always have several of those goofy little floss containers floating around in my travel kit, getting in my way as I'm trying to find my tweezers to pluck the sneaky hairs that fill in my gorilla brows. I have no hair on my head, but God forbid I should go without in my hybrid brows that my only two French ancestors gave me.

Proudly adorned with prominent company logos, I finally acquiesced (months ago) to seek out those pesky containers mysteriously filled with string. Hmm. I thought using my strong fingernails (my only redeeming body part) were supposed to pull the husks out from post popcorn fest each night.

Ever see that monkey that smells his fingers after prodding himself?

Well, that's how my fingers smelled after flossing today. I'm guessing that's why my dentist now wears a mask -I thought it was because he didn't want to be identified.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Got a call today from the office asking me to come in for another casting. Whaaaaa?

Evidently, Dr Eric's office just got an email indicating that the molds weren't good enough. And they're contacting him... now?

Anyway, I couldn't schedule for anything this week because over the weekend, I came down with a raging headcold. I must've brought the germs home with me after fondling the glossies at the gym that I recently got reacquainted with last week. Or, perhaps it was the germ ridden 2 year old that visited last week...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13: Cleaning & Casting

I've got fangs!!!

While brushing (and flossing) my teeth today for my my semiannual toofy cleaning, I examined my teeth. By God, if I don't have fangs! My laterals still are flared a bit (hope that gets remedied in the 2nd session of trays) but fangs are quite evident.

I announced to Jennifer that I have been flossing and because I've been regular about it (at least 3x week) that my gums don't bleed! Woo-hoo!

While in the chair, I was lamenting however about my stained teeth. She checked my records and hinted that Invisalign includes a teeth whitening system at the end of the session! Woo-hoo! Love that.

This was a good day, until...

The second part was the recasting of my current mouth to encourage Invisalign that I need additional trays to conclude the session. Tracy & Dr. Eric had loads of fun caulking in that nasty blue material into mouth molds. Unfortunately, they had to take a few impressions due to the material and my teeth not playing well together. My tongue was numb from that crap and my face was speckled with it. Bleck. Nasty nasty.

It'll be a week or so before Dr Eric gets results, approves the trays and so forth.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Invisalign: Tray 19 + 20

Didn't receive trays 19 & 20 until today because I came down with a raging headcold just after returning from Europe. Fortunately, no issues with warping or some such nonsense.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Invisalign: Tray 17 + 18

Scored trays 17 & 18 today. I was supposed to take tray 19 with me but because I'll be country hopping for 3 weeks, I didn't want to risk losing the tray, so I opted to keep it in the office until I return -it's safer there!

Talked w/Dr Eric about my concern with the laterals. He assures me that at the end of the session, another impression will be taken and then they'll review how we feel about the conclusion.

I want my Hollywood smile!

Until such time, I'm off preparing for our belated honeymoon!!!

PS. Still flossing!